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Ashley is the founder of AfricAid, a non-profit organization established in 2001 to support girls’ education in East Africa. She started the organization at age 16, following a life-changing trip to Tanzania five years earlier. During that trip, she met many children her age who did not have the opportunity to go to school. She learned that girls, in particular, face significant challenges in trying to obtain an education. Realizing that this leads to a cycle of poverty – and recognizing just how powerful girls’ education can be in changing the futures of individuals and communities – she established AfricAid to help transform the landscape of opportunity for young women in Tanzania.

In its early years, AfricAid focused on providing scholarships and direct support to Tanzanian schools. In 2010, AfricAid adopted a more strategic approach to girls’ education to more holistically address the structural barriers facing even the most academically accomplished young women. Today, AfricAid works to improve the standing of women in society through robust, locally-led mentorship initiatives that cultivate confidence, improve academic and health outcomes, and promote socially-responsible leadership skills.

After 10 years of leading the organization, Ashley handed over the reins to a new leadership team in Tanzania and Denver, Colorado that continues to grow the organization to this day. She has been a member of the AfricAid board since 2003 and remains an engaged advocate for the work of AfricAid.

Ashley is a 2001 Barron Prize winner.

This story originally appeared in the documentary Dream Big, which featured the stories of seven of the earliest winners of the Barron Prize.

IYH Throwback : Where are They Now?

Ashley Shuyler Carter currently runs a consulting business focused on strategy development and operations design, with a focus on work that sits at the intersection of education and career. She continues to be involved with the Barron Prize as a member of the selection committee.

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