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Ellie created Repeat After Us, a web site that provides copyright-free literature with accompanying audio clips for people learning English as a second language. Her web site features over 5,000 texts, running the gamut from Mother Goose to Hamlet to Martin Luther King’s speeches. Ellie conceived of her web site idea while running a poetry workshop and tutoring program for Hispanic children in the Los Angeles area. Realizing the need for English language learners to hear a wide range of material read out loud, Ellie got busy typing thousands of texts and recording them read aloud by classmates, teachers, community members, and young children.

To date, over 12 million visitors have used Repeat After Us, including teachers, Peace Corps volunteers, and students in literacy programs throughout the world. “I’ve learned that the world is full of opportunities and helping hands for those who dare,” says Ellie. “I’ve realized that people do care about others, and they do want to help.”

Ellie is a 2004 Barron Prize winner.

This story originally appeared in the documentary Dream Big, which featured the stories of seven of the earliest winners of the Barron Prize.

IYH Throwback : Where are They Now?

Ellie received her MFA degree in Documentary Film from Stanford University and now lives and works in San Francisco as an independent documentary filmmaker. She is passionate about telling intimate, human stories that provide a personal lens through which to view important social issues and underrepresented communities.

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