T. A. Barron Introduces Inspiring Young Heroes


Inspiring Young Heroes features a collection of short videos highlighting the life-changing work of everyday young people. Through their own words, amazing kids narrate their personal journey and show how one person – no matter what age or circumstance – has the power to make a difference. These former Barron Prize winners and their stories will empower everyone to take that first step to make a positive impact on society and our planet.

Parents, teachers, and people of all ages will be inspired by these videos to make changes – big and small – in their communities and in the world! We hope you love these videos of inspiring kids as much as we do, and that you’ll spread them around the globe. It only takes a small spark of goodness to create a flame of positive change that this world needs more than ever.

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Claire – Solar Makes Sense

Claire founded Solar Makes Sense to raise money to put solar panels on her middle school. Her video is a story of perseverance after she was told it wouldn’t be possible to make her vision a reality. More…

Jahkil – Project I Am

Jahkil was inspired as a young boy to help the homeless he saw around his hometown of Chicago. Now he organizes events that create Blessing Bags – bags full of toiletries that are then distributed to people in shelters and on the streets. More…

Genevieve – Milkweed for Monarchs

When Genevieve learned that the Western Migratory Monarch butterfly was facing extinction, she knew she had to help raise awareness of this majestic creature and the crisis of its disappearing habitat in California and beyond. More…


White logo features a circular, stylized glacier lily surrounding the words Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes.

For almost 20 years, the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes has been honoring inspiring young people. Almost 500 school-aged boys and girls from all 50 states (and Canada, too) have been recognized throughout the years. Dedicated to bettering the world and their communities, these young heroes have created diverse projects that aim to save the planet…or save a little slice of their hometowns.

When we realized the 20th anniversary of the Barron Prize was approaching, and coinciding with great challenges facing our country and our planet, we knew we had to bring our young heroes’ stories to life. Each year, the winners of the prize inspire us – and the people in their communities – to be better. And now, through this collection of short videos, the world can see their stories and be inspired, too!

Please visit to learn more, and encourage the young heroes in your life to apply.

Inspiring Young Heroes features videos of inspiring kids. These videos highlight the life-changing work of everyday young people who tell their stories and show how one person – no matter what age or circumstance – has the power to make a difference.