Robbie Bond created his non-profit Kids Speak for Parks to ensure that our national parks and monuments remain protected long into the future. He is working to build an army of activists, including fourth-grade students (who can visit our national parks free of charge), who will stand up and speak up for the parks. He began his campaign in April 2017 as a fourth-grader, in response to President Trump’s executive order to review and possibly eliminate 27 of our national monuments. Excitedly preparing to embark with his family on a cross country tour of the parks, Robbie decided to use the trip as a chance to share his message for President Trump’s administration: “Hands off our parks and monuments! They aren’t for sale!”

Now Robbie visits schools around the country, sharing his excitement for our national parks and monuments. He is also helping bring the national parks to students who can’t visit them, using virtual reality videos he is helping to develop.


Footage was filmed in Point Reyes National Seashore under NMFS Permit # 21425. We were fortunate enough to get up close to the amazing elephant seals featured in this video because we were escorted by a trained biologist who knows how to behave around the seals and knows how to watch the seals’ behaviors to ensure the safety of people and seals. 

We recommend that people stay at least 25 ft from seals and if an animal reacts to your presence then you are too close and should move further away. 

Robbie was a 2018 Winner of the Barron Prize.

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Filming Robbie’s story in the San Francisco Bay Area was an incredible experience. Our National Parks and Monuments are such treasures!